Automotive Clearing House

Information on many automobile and truck related subjects. Hundreds of letters and phone calls of inquiry each year attest to the efficiency of your GMADA. If we don't know the answer, we can look through our extensive files or we can find it quickly through many of our reliable contacts.

Better Business Bureau Advertising Review

Established by your association in 1984 to review dealership advertising in the media. The program, in cooperation with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau, has gained national recognition for its success. Annual funding paid by association - $50,000.00 for 2007.

Bulletins and Email Updates

Timely, informational, and up-to-date bulletins for members cover the entire scope of the automobile and truck industry, with concise information of great value to retail new car and truck dealers and their staffs. Members can subscribe to update topics by email to fit particular interests.

Business Management Aids

Through bulletins, meetings, and personal contacts, the means by which a dealer's profit picture can be improved are constantly being pointed out. Many helpful management services are made available.

Dealership Annual Personnel Surveys

Your association conducts an annual survey of management/office salaries paid in our metro area. Dealerships have claimed that these survey results alone pay for GMADA dues many times over each year.

Employment Placement

Your association assists unemployed people in finding open positions at dealerships. Dealers also contact the GMADA office looking for qualified people. Only unemployed people are referred to dealerships.

General Assistance

GMADA cooperates with many groups in the general public, public interest, i.e., charitable groups, safety organizations and other associations with common interest, etc. This provides a positive image of our industry and members.

Health and Welfare Trust Management

Your association through dealer and union trustees manages the health and welfare trusts for union service department employees in both District Lodge No. 77 and Teamster's Local #974.

Labor Counsel

Your association negotiates service department labor agreements for St Paul (Machinist's Union) and Minneapolis (Teamster's Union). Many consider this as one of the top three services performed by the association.

Legal Counsel

Advice on legal matters of general interest to the trade is always available. This alone has resulted in savings of thousands of dollars for many dealers. Considerable favorable legislation has been acquired as well as bad legislation thwarted by our constant watch and coordination with MADA (our state association).

Media Review for Dealerships

Your association represents dealerships in numerous meetings with newspaper, television and radio media on publications and reporting (pro and con) regarding the automobile and truck industry.

Membership Meetings

Your association sponsors dealership meetings throughout the year including labor meetings, general membership meetings, an annual golf outing, annual dinner dance and Board of Directors election, plus other meetings called to present subjects of interest and concern to the dealers.

Twin Cities Auto Show

Sponsored by your association as the largest Auto Show in the Upper Midwest. Over 400,000 people attend as potential new car and truck buyers become available to your salespeople. It promotes new car showroom traffic during the show and for many weeks afterwards.

Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association

Your GMADA Chairman and Vice Chairman have a seat on the state association Board of Directors. This allows for an excellent relationship between the two associations on matters affecting our metro dealerships.

National Automobile Dealers Association

GMADA cooperates fully with NADA at the national level. Association (GMADA) officers travel to Washington, DC annually to represent our area's dealers' interests. Telephone communication occurs weekly.

Payment of Members' State Dues

Your association, to save dealerships money and show support for your state association, pays current dues for all members. For a high volume dealership this could be $1,082.00 for dues. This is a direct savings for our member dealerships.

Public Relations

To keep the public informed of the general high character and excellent reputation of our automobile and truck dealers, news releases are furnished to newspapers, radio, and television stations on matters regarding the automotive industry.


GMADA awards annually twenty five (25) $2000 college scholarships to employees of GMADA dealerships or sons or daughters of GMADA dealer employees.

Unified Dealer Body

GMADA is the only organization representing all the dealerships in our Twin Cities metropolitan area. It is the single "voice" who can state that it represents your dealer community. Strength comes from organization rather than separate or individual dealerships. Working together is our future.


The Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association is a voluntary organization of the majority of new car and truck dealers in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. Its purpose is to assist and protect its members in the countless number of situations where they are ineffective as individuals and where united action is needed to bring about desirable results. GMADA is a broad coverage policy for your protection.