The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota has promoted truth in advertising since 1912. Back then, advertising was limited to print ads. Today, the average consumer will encounter over 2,000 advertisements per day in many forms including banner ads and text messaging.

Since 1984, the BBB has worked with GMADA and MADA to create an ethical advertising environment and promote the effectiveness of self-regulation. A set of voluntary advertising standards have been developed to assist dealers and their ad agencies.

The Better Business Bureau provides valuable services to the automotive industry.

Advertising Standards

A set of guidelines have been created to assist dealership's with their advertising.

The BBB Advertising Standards

Prior to Publication Ad Review Service

Advertisements sent to the BBB before print or broadcast are reviewed for compliance of industry standards. The BBB usually works with the General Manager, owner or the dealerships ad agency representative.

Advertising Challenges

Each month the BBB verifies 60-80 automobile advertising claims spanning all forms of media in Minnesota for adherence to the Automotive Advertising Standards and applicable federal and state laws.

Advertising Seminars

The BBB offers free advertising seminars to auto dealerships to address concerns and give instruction relating to the Automotive Advertising Standards.

Ad Alerts and Case Reports

The BBB provides information to dealerships on emerging issues in advertising. The BBB also provides MADA and GMADA reports of our efforts on behalf of the industry. A dealership's participation in this self-regulatory program displays their commitment to ethical advertising and selling practices. Participation in this program also serves to prevent consumer complaints about advertising and improves the overall reputation of the industry.

Three Strikes Policy

In response to requests from Minnesota Auto Dealers, MADA and the Steering Committee, the Three Strike Policy has been developed to ensure consistency in response to advertising concerns and violations. All parties agree those dealers who decline to participate in the self-regulation process must understand the advertising review process and the consequences of non-participation.

Three Strikes Policy